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A house is the most precious possession any individual has which is built over the years of hard work, dedication, focused dream and sentiments. In today’s uncertain times, it has become imperative to buy a suitable home insurance policy that will safeguard your living and will offer sufficient cover to build a new one in case of any disasters calamities or mishaps. It is designed to anchor your pockets from shedding out that extra money in case of any emergency like fire or burglary etc. Getting a home insurance for your priceless dream often involves long term investment and financial obligation. Besides what really worries most customers is the claiming process during any kind of disaster or manmade mishaps like stealing, or fire or damages. It sounds a bit stressful especially while your turn to file a claim.

The articles will give your some easy tips to make your claim process much relax and hassle-free especially when you’re in the state of depression due to the damages caused to your house.

Just buying a policy and storing the papers in your locker, sipping around a coffee with friends and family won’t work. Once you buy the policy read carefully the fine print on your policy that details the inclusions and exclusions and clearly defines what can be claimed for and what cannot. You should be aware what damages your policy covers and till what extent. There is no point in claiming for things your policy doesn’t cover.

Store your bills and documents safely and most important at the place of your convenience which you remember the most. It is advisable you can keep duplicate copies at your offices or place of work just in case the house comes down to ashes and you’re unable to find anything from it. Technology is always at your doorstep. If unable to stock any evidence, you can click pictures of your valuables and their purchase documents with serial numbers and save them online in a cloud based service like Dropbox etc. Don’t forget to mention the date of purchase and value at the time of purchase. When you purchase a home insurance policy, create a list of all your key possessions.

Home Insurance

Make a habit of creating a written note of all your household goods from jewelry to electronic equipment on an annual basis. Once the list is ready contact your insurance provider and updated the company records with your valuable belongings and possessions so that when you present your policy they are in sync with your property value, belongings and possessions.

You can fill the claim form online and request the customer service department for the same. Do enter the appropriate details for easy evaluation of claim with correct contact details. Take your time, sit calmly and fill out the claim form carefully. Ensure that you don’t make any silly errors that will lead to delay in your claim process.

Stay in touch with the insurance company one you make your claim. Evaluate the amount that you receive as per the agreements excluding the service deductions. Whether your house is affected by fire, flood, terrorism or burglary, home insurance is a ray of new hope which revitalizes your dreams to rebuild it brick by brick.



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