Let’s go to shop your car insurance policy?

With more and more car insurance providers offering online quotes and sign-ups, switching policies is now easier than ever before. With the advent of internet people can now buy car insurance in a quick and a hassle free way from the place of their choice and at the convenience of their time. However, with multiple options available for car insurance in India, buying the right insurance policy is no less than a challenge now. Therefore, before purchasing a motor insurance, it is very important to do a significant amount of research. Nevertheless, even to carry out such a research you should know what things you need to look for. The article will guide you through some things to be considered while shopping for your car policy:

Hidden Discounts

Often pooling your car, paying your insurance bill annually, automatic bill pay etc. can provide you with significant savings. Many companies offer substantial discounts for drivers who complete a defensive driving course, or who can show proof that they’ve taken a course through another provider or the workplace recently. The best ways to learn about potential discounts are to check the company’s website or ask an insurance agent.


Most insurance providers offer discounts to customers who buy more than one policy from them. Keeping one payment billing, a combined deductible and one person to answer all insurance questions will just seem to make your car insurance procedure simpler and sorted out.

Car Insurance

Match Services

Before switching insurance providers, contact your current insurer for a policy review, and explain that you’re considering moving elsewhere for a policy with lower premiums. Sometimes an agent offers a better rate almost immediately to retain its valued customer, especially if they know you’re about to walk. But a policy is more than just its premiums. They offer discounted rates for recurring customers or may be loyalty perks. If an agent can’t match premiums, they might be able to add features to the existing policy.

When to Change

Some insurers charge a fee for breaking a policy mid-term. So, unless the savings from the new policy are significant to move on, it’s best to wait until several weeks before your policy is up for review and renewal. If you decide to switch, allow enough time for the new policy to take effect, and then cancel the existing policy before its automatic renewal.

Policy awareness

To avoid having to switch again in six months or a year, customers should ask their new provider, either in person, via an online chat, or over the phone, to go through the policy structure step by step. Learn now the terms and conditions carefully else we are sure you don’t want to learn after an accident that something you thought was covered isn’t.

After accident services

It’s easy to view Car Insurance as simply a line item on a budget until you need to collect. How quickly and how well the car is repaired, the deductibles after an accident are important factors to consider before buying any insurance policy.

Well, technically speak it’s impossible to truly gauge the value of any insurance product until making a claim on it. Only then will those discounted premiums will prove to have been either an excellent investment or just avoidable mistakes.


Car insurance comparison is an effective practice

Car Insurance is a mandatory product and since it is to be renewed every year, it becomes all the more important for you to get the best insurance rates suitable for your car. When it comes to comparing car insurance quotes, shopping around is important as car insurance premiums and policies may vary significantly from one car insurance policy to another. Therefore, it is advisable that you should have fair amount of comparison on policy structure, charges incurred, discount offers, benefits etc. before coming to a consensus on buying particular car insurance. With so many companies to choose from, doing a check for all the car insurance policies can be quite a task. Nowadays with online car insurance comparison process it has become simple to get some of the good deals. All you need to do is input your car details and based on them comes an array of insurance comparison being displayed for you.

The articles will give you some tips for car insurance comparison while choosing the best deals for your car.


Differences in premiums between various insurers offering car insurance can often vary depending on your circumstances, so taking the time to do a car insurance comparison can potentially save you money. There are a number of ways to compare quotes. Prior to the advent of the internet, it was a pain of digging out the phone directory and ringing around car insurance companies, collecting the information manually and sit down to do your own algorithms. Else you would also meet salespeople or insurance agent making it time-consuming process. You might also go and meet the insurance salespeople or brokers.

Online Comparison

Online comparison has made the process of getting insurance quotes much easier and quicker now than it used to be. These days, using online medium getting a no obligation and pressure free car insurance comparison is much simple and it’s also a very viable way of going about it.

These online tools enable motorists to compare car insurance quotes from leading insurance brands. All you have to do is fill out a simple online form including standard details such as the make and model of the car, your license details and some more as requisite like whether it is garaged and the minimum age of those likely to drive it and hit the ‘submit’ button to get whole lot of information on best insurance quotes within couple of minutes.

Car Insurance Comparison


When you compare insurance quotes, you will notice that certain risk factors may increase your rates, but other factors such as a safe car, a clean driving record, customer loyalty, lifestyle choices and payment preferences may entitle you to discounts.

Claim Settlement

This is another crucial step you need to monitor while having car insurance comparison. While checking the quotes carefully, understand the claim settlement process for various companies, in case of accidents. Go for the policies that offer online claim settlement in case of damage to the vehicle. Also check for the availability of the repairing and servicing centers made available by the insurer.


5 Steps to get a Better Car Insurance Comparison Deal

Generally, two in five of car insurance policyholders think about changing a policy or an insurance service provider when policy renewal time arrives. You can easily save some handsome amount of money only if you compare online motor insurance quotes. Below are few simple steps to get a better deal on vehicle insurance online:

  • Look for the Best Cover, Not for the Low Cost

While comparing online quotes, people should be clear in mind that you are searching for the best plan and not just looking for the least expensive policy. Online comparison is the best way to get the best rate for the right plan that meets your needs. It shows which insurance products include extras. But, opt for the policy that gives high level of protection which you actually require.

  • Never Increase the Excess

Growing your excess may make a car insurance policy affordable, but it can be risky. Hence, do not increase the excess to an amount insured would struggle to pay in the future.

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  • Check Around Other Insurance Companies in India

As not all insurance companies in India list their names on quotes comparison websites, so customers won’t be able to compare their products in single go. It can be worth getting a Car Insurance Comparison quote from their website directly.

  • Add Someone to the Plan

Including an additional driver especially a more experienced one to your vehicle insurance policy can surely bring the coverage cost down. But, do not mention him as the main driving person in a plan.

  • Stay Away From Assumptions, Be Sure!

When a person is comparing online car insurance quotes offered by different insurance companies in India, he or she will definitely make some assumptions. But, it’s totally depending on you to make sure these assumptions are right. Carefully read the policy document so that you’re very much clear on what assumptions have been made.

Source: http://blog.policyboss.com/car-insurance/5-steps-get-better-car-insurance-deal/

Create an Instant Compare Car Insurance Checklist

Purchasing car insurance is quick and easy process. Before you select any insurance coverage, though, you require a checklist. Many people prepare a checklist for everything, from grocery shopping to ensuring all the bills are paid at the end of the month.

These lists are easy to prepare, because they know what to search for as they begin writing. But, buying an online car insurance is a quite different and hence, customers should have to get some idea what to mention on your checklist.

Below is an instant vehicle insurance checklist:

Does the insurer offer a better deal for a good credit score?

Does an insurance company in India give any special deals for good driving records?

Is insurer comes into play as a ‘direct provider’ or will company pass their customers off to any local agents or brokers? Because in such cases investing your precious time as you may have to begin the detail procedure against with a broker or agent. So better ensure about the insurance service provider.

rechner mit auto

Do you have any idea about states insurance coverage needs?

Review your current policy documents and check what your coverage is. In case, children are financially independent, then you may not require some deductibles you had.

Does a customer hold multiple vehicles and what kind of deals would be available in the market? This is a very important point for motor insurance checklist.

Those who recently buy a new vehicle must get an instant compare car insurance and take a car insurance to comply with law and in case of accident.

In case customer holds a business and own a commercial vehicle insurance plan, would there be any better deal for bringing your private vehicle insurance to the new insurer?

There are various questions like this to consider while purchasing insurance online. Instant insurance is convenient, but don’t get too big or too small coverage in a hurry. Prepare that checklist before you start searching for the best policy!

Source: http://blog.policyboss.com/car-insurance/create-an-instant-car-insurance-checklist/

7 Point Check List while Buying Car Insurance

When you decide to buy a vehicle, the decision will always be special. So, do this task with proper planning because it also needs your hard-earned money. Prepare a excel sheet, comparing mileage, features, color details available in the list of models person is planning to buy and the works. The obsession level may be high, but care a lot while finalizing a deal. Majority of people have a tendency that they pay maximum attention in zeroing in on the vehicle, but they never pay much focus towards the car insurance policy India.

In fact, when it comes to policy renewal, probably the case is same. Insurance professionals suggest vehicle owners to pay enough attention while selecting the best car insurance plan online.

Do not forget that choosing the right policy is very much important because it will help policyholders to secure their expensive purchase, a car without burning a big hole in your pocket. Below are 7 tips which will help buyers to make the correct decision about their online car insurance:

Car Insurance

  • Every insurer differently rates each brand of vehicles based on customers’ statistical analyses, claim          history etc. Insurance companies in India update these ratings frequently; hence online comparison of        similar products from various insurers is essential to get a better rate. But, ‘price’ is not the only factor        customers should be looking for while selecting auto insurance coverage.
  • Today, comparing and purchasing vehicle insurance policies become easier, faster and affordable.            Buyers can get the policy issued immediately and can access it at one place.
  • It is advisable to select an insurer which has a wide network of garages and offers cashless claims. It is      the most convenient way for policyholders.
  • Choose an insurer that has best claim settlement ratio as well as easy claim procedures. Just go online      and then do a quick search about preferred insurance companies in India.
  • Do not forget to select the correct add-ons for your vehicle as it helps to offer sufficient coverage for          insured vehicle based on your individual requirements. Zero depreciation cover and no claim bonus            protection are some of the most popular add-ons available on online car insurance policies India.
  • Understand all the inclusions and exclusions related to the plan, so insured will not be surprise at the          time claims.
  • The best insurance service provider is the one that helps customers to find the best policy, give timely         renewal reminders and guide through claim settlement processes.

Source: http://blog.policyboss.com/car-insurance/7-point-check-list-buying-car-insurance/