Enjoy your Holidays with Cheap Travel Insurance Plan

Luggage, tickets, bags, iPod, hotel bookings, handy-cam are the top things that arise in your mind while going out for a holiday trip. To be frank having a cheap travel insurance plan before going out on a vacation is a rare thing in India. People in our country rarely opt for the travel insurance, but it’s really vital to understand that a small mishap can destroy any perfectly planned holiday.

People never prioritize insurance till something actually goes wrong and later on it gets too late to avail an insurance plan. These days travelling, especially to overseas countries are an important part of our lives. But most people don’t want to think about the calamity that can take place during a trip.

It is a known fact that several times, we are faced with problems like cancellation of flights, medical emergencies and loss of luggage among others. Hence, it is essential to be covered when you are going away from home.

What Exactly Will You Get Under Travel Insurance Plan?

Travel Insurance India refers to insuring the risks of having a medical emergency or any kind of financial loss that can leave a bad impact on your journey. You can purchase cheap travel insurance online plan temporarily for a single trip. Whereas, for regular travellers, it is advisable to go for the whole year plan which would be enough for numerous tours throughout the year. You can purchase an insurance plan for an adventure trip, leisure trip, cruise trip, foreign student trip, overseas travel and business trips as well.

The most common risks that foreign overseas travel insurance covers are:

-Foreign Medical expenses

-Accidental injury or death

-Theft, damage or loss of personal essential belongings

-Cancellation of trip

And many more.

The coverage depends upon the norms of insurance plans and companies as there are several policies available in the market. A basic insurance plan usually provides the coverage for medical emergencies, emergency repatriation, cancellation, theft, loss of luggage, passport loss and many more.

Illustration depicting a sign with a travel insurance concept.


Majorly the premiums of travel insurance plan depend upon several factors such as

  • Duration of the trip
  • Sum insured
  • Health conditions
  • Number of trips
  • Place
  • Age of the insured
  • Risk activities involved in the trip.

Enclosed are some tips that will assist you in choosing the cheap travel insurance. Travel insurance is a standard product over different insurance companies since its usage is more global in nature. There are a few tips that would help you in selecting the best travel insurance plan at a lower premium.

Location Of The Trip

You might not be aware, but the fact is that the cost of travel insurance is much higher where the cost of treatment and other essential services is expensive. Nowadays, the customer can taper down his international plan to select from several options. Hence, be sure to taper down your location of travel for getting more benefits out of  the insurance plan and premium as well.

Duration of the Trip

Generally the insurance companies offer travel insurance plan for a trip duration starting from 30 days to 180 days. It is advisable for you to select the insurance policies slightly more than your requirement and travel period. If you are a regular traveller then you must buy an annual multi-trip plan to save more. This will save you from the hassle of getting insured every now and then. These plans are valid for a year and it covers numerous foreign trips as well. The maximum duration of each trip should be about 30-45 days.  This is a cost effective product for frequent travellers.

Age of Travelling Members

If you are travelling along with your family, then will be helpful to check if the premium which covers all is cheaper or not.  If not, then you can consider two different plans in which the elders of the family can be covered by another plan. For example, if you are more than 65 years of age, you can avail of senior citizens plans in which you will get pre-existing illness coverage, the higher sum insured for regular hospitalization, etc.

Reason of Journey

It is advisable that you must provide an accurate reason of your journey in the proposal form, whether; it’s a business trip, holiday trip, adventure trip or any other. Usually, a basic travel insurance policy does not cover risks involved in adventurous trips. Hence, an additional premium amount is required to get coverage for adventure trips.

Nowadays, there are many types of travel insurance available in the market, so it is better for you to do travel insurance of different insurance companies to get the cheap travel insurance out of the many.

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How To Buy Cheap Travel Insurance

While a lot of people think “I’m healthy, I don’t need travel insurance. I won’t get sick,” travel insurance is much than just medical protection. It covers you when your camera breaks, your flight is cancelled, a family member dies and you have to come home, or if something is stolen. It’s all purpose emergency coverage and is the single most important thing you should get but hope to never have to use. And, as it only costs a few dollars a day, you’re foolish not to get it. I never planned on falling in the sea in Italy with my camera or popping my ear drum in Thailand but I did and, if it wasn’t for my travel insurance, I would have been out a lot of money.

Travel insurance is one of the most complex and confusing aspects of trip planning. With the myriad of plans and companies out there, people can easily get confused about what they should get and why. Given its importance and the amount of time it’s been since I last discussed it, I want to start the year by discussing it again.

Travel insurance is something you absolutely need on the road. You never know what could happen, and most health plans don’t cover you overseas. I never thought I would pop my eardrum. My friend never thought he would break his leg hiking in New Zealand. A writer I know had to be helicopter out of the Amazon after he fell off a boat. Another friend didn’t think her father would die and she would have to fly back home. But all those things did and travel insurance was there when all those things happened. (My favourite travel insurance provider is World Nomads. They always have my back when something like the above happens.)

I was recently in southern Africa for 3 weeks and my plan cost only $4 per day. Considering my domestic health plan wasn’t going to cover me while overseas, it was a small price to pay for knowing if I got attacked by a lion, bitten by a snake, or contracted malaria, I was protected.I would rather be safe than sorry and not be stuck with a giant hospital bill.

But, like I said, it’s more than just medical care. Loose a bag? Insurance has you covered. Trip cancelled? Insurance is there. Get something stolen? Insurance is there too.

Travel insurance has more than proved its worth many, many times. It’s the kind of thing you will be very thankful for when you need it but hope you never do. After all, you don’t want to end up like my friend who didn’t have insurance when her computer was stolen and had to pay out of pocket for a new one.

Here is how to avoid getting a bad insurance plan and not be properly covered:

What to look for in a great plan

There are a lot of options out there. This is a billion dollar business and everyone wants their hand in the cookie jar, thus you face a mind-numbing number of choices that can be confusing and overwhelming. And, often, in the fine print, you’ll find that plans aren’t as good as you thought.

When looking for a plan, first make sure they have a high coverage limit on your medical expenses. A good company will provide up to $100,000 in coverage care, though more expensive policies will cover you for higher amounts. The maximum coverage limit you can find is around $1,000,000 USD, though I’m not sure why you would ever need a limit that large. High coverage limits are important because if you get sick, injured, or need serious attention and have to seek professional care, you want to make sure your high hospital bills are covered. The worst thing you can do is go cheap and get a policy with a $20,000 coverage limit, break a leg, and reach that limit before they are done taking care of you. Don’t be cheap with your health. Get minimum coverage of $100,000.

Second, you want to make sure your policy also covers emergency evacuation and care that is separate from your medical coverage. If you are hiking in the woods and you break your leg, your policy should cover your evacuation to the hospital. If a natural disaster occurs and you need to be evacuated to somewhere else, your plan should cover that as well. This protection should cover an expense of up to $300,000 USD.

Additionally, evacuation also should mean from the hospital to your home country. Standard emergency evacuation usually includes this provision but it’s important you double-check a company will cover the cost of your flight back home if you need it.

Cheap Travel Insurance

A great policy will always include the following provisions:

Cover most countries in the world.

Some coverage for your electronics (and have the option for a higher coverage limit).

Cover injury and sudden illnesses.

Twenty-four hour emergency services and help (you don’t want to call to be told to call back later).

Cover lost, damaged or stolen possessions like jewellery, baggage, documents, cameras, etc.

Cover cancellations such as hotel bookings, flight, and other transportation bookings if you have a sudden illness, death in the family, or some other emergency.

Cover emergencies, strife in the country visited, etc., that cause you to head home early.

Policies should include personal accident coverage.

Have financial protection if any company you are using goes bankrupt and you are stuck in another country.

Don’t get a policy that doesn’t cover these bullet points!

A quick note on electronics: most companies only have a small limit, usually up to $500 USD, as part of their basic coverage. You can often buy supplemental insurance to get a higher amount of coverage. For instance, Clements Insurance offers special coverage for your electronics. Prices vary depending on the country you visit (between $145-195 per plan) but they don’t have worldwide coverage. You have to get coverage for your specific country. Moreover, many regular and home insurance companies such as State Farm offer plans that can help you cover your electronics.

What isn’t covered is just as important as what is

Know what is also not covered by your plan. Most policies do not cover accidents sustained while participating in extreme adventure activities such as hang gliding, paragliding, or bungee jumping unless you pay extra. The majority of companies won’t cover you if you injure someone on the road (called third-party liability). Policies do not normally cover alcohol- or drug-related incidents, or carelessness in handling your possessions and baggage. You won’t get reimbursed if the problem happened because you were reckless, and how “reckless” is defined is a matter up to each company. Simply put, if a reasonable person wouldn’t partake in what caused your accident, you won’t be covered.

Moreover, you won’t be covered for pre-existing conditions or general check-ups. For example, if you have diabetes and need to buy more insulin, you won’t be covered. If you want to go see a doctor for a general check-up, you aren’t covered either.

The medical portion of cheap travel insurance is more about emergency care than being a replacement for your normal health care. A lot of people purchase insurance thinking it is, then get disappointed when they find out they can’t go get an annual physical with it. Travel insurance is accident insurance. It is there to protect you in case of emergency and, if need be, get you home in a hurry. If you want a global health plan (because, say you now live in Beijing), you need a completely different type of plan.

Making a claim

If you make a claim, remember that any travel insurance company, no matter how good, is there to make money and will try to avoid paying out as much as they can. They are, after all, an insurance company and they don’t make money by paying out to every Tom, Dick and Harry. Be prepared to wait to receive your money because even the best companies drag their feet. In order to ensure that you do get paid your claim, make sure you have all your receipts, necessary forms, and proper documentation – all of it will help make your claim go through a lot quicker.

Major travel agencies like STA Travel and Flight Centre also offer their own plans, though coverage is very limited. While I haven’t used them, many other travel writers I know recommend Medjet and IMG too. Another really good website is Insure My Trip. It compares policies from a number of providers and a wide range of policies at once. It’s like a global insurance search site! It lots of people have success on their site, and I especially like their high age limit as not enough companies cover seniors!

My favorite insurance provider is World Nomads. I’ve been using them since I first started travelling in 2003 and use no one else. They are very reputable, and claims are quickly and fairly processed. I enjoy World Nomads for a number of reasons: I can purchase and renew my insurance policy online in a matter of minutes, they have a very friendly and responsive staff that answer questions and help solve problems via social media, have great customer feedback, and most importantly, they provide a lot of coverage at a good price. If there’s one company I would recommend, I would say go with them.

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Top 5 Facts to be considered before Buying Cheap Travel Insurance

If you travel without sufficient travel insurance coverage, then you will be lost financially. Travellers should not forget that there are various things which can go worst while travelling. For example, health issues can arise, flight cancellation or delays, stolen luggage etc. Buying cheap travel insurance policies India helps to cover such risks as well as compensates the insured for loss arising due to unforeseen events during journey.

In fact, insurance experts suggest travellers to buy one especially during foreign trips. In the Indian insurance market, a wide range of plans are available. But, do not forget to read finer details before selecting a policy. Below are top 5 facts to be considered before purchasing a travel insurance plan online:

Travel Insurance

  • Inclusions and Exclusions

Initially, all plans may look similar, but the finer information like exclusion and inclusion can create a vast difference. For instance, health insurance while overseas travel is a necessary component. Generally, it offers compensation for loss of luggage, loss of important documents and flight delays or cancellation. Disabilities or accidental death because of accidents is not covered by all policies.

  • Duration Coverage

Based on your trip duration, customers can select from an annual multi-trip policy or a single trip travel insurance policy. Remember to check how many consecutive days abroad will be insured under the plan. The frequency of travel should help you to choose the correct policy type. In fact, some plans give a feature of extending the plan in case the trip duration gets extended. Selecting coverage with this feature can support in saving premiums.

  • Destination Coverage

Travel insurance companies in India provide plans which may have certain geographical coverage or global coverage. Selecting a plan with global coverage is much better as it has no risk of rejection. But, it may has exceptions and sub clauses too. Customers should know that sub limits on the coverage amount are different for different locations.

  • Extent of Coverage

When you buy a policy, check how much will be the coverage for each person. It means there will be a limit on the claims filed based on what is being claimed. Generally, there is a pre-set coverage amount assigned for the different benefits. Evaluate which policy suits your needs the best and then select the one that provides the maximum coverage extent.

  • Pre-existing Health Conditions

Usually, insurance companies in India do not offer coverage for insured’s pre-existing health conditions. However, some insurers give coverage with specific conditions. Insured is necessary to declare the pre-existing medical conditions while buying Cheap travel insurance India. Always disclose all the details related to health at the buying stage to avoid any type of hassle in the long run.

Today, travelling without adequate travel insurance coverage is a big risk. Compare various options available online and then choose the one that offers the most appropriate coverage.

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Things to look before you buy Cheap Travel Insurance

In today’s times, travelling to a foreign country does not mean packing bags and flying off. Rather, the task has become complex as various arrangements need to be made such as foreign currency or changing one’s telephone plan. The increasing instances of lost luggage, delayed flights and health complications have made the need for travel insurance must for a traveler. One has to get into finer details to know if their selection of travel insurance policy is right or not.

Extent of health coverage – Though all of the travel insurance policies cover for medical emergencies and other related expenditure, but a traveler should look for a policy that has a comprehensive or appropriate coverage to suit one’s medical condition.

Other inclusions – Most of the policies provide compensation for lost baggage and documents and flight delays, but specific inclusions such as covering disabilities or death as a result of accident while traveling are not part of all policies. A traveler should look for such inclusion if he is going on an adventure trip. On the other hand, leisure holidaying will not need such coverage.

Travel Insurance

Global or specific region coverage – Cheap Travel insurance policies are of two types, that is, either they are applicable to travel across the globe or extend coverage to specific regions. In most cases, a global coverage is appropriate but if a traveler is sure of travelling to a certain region then a specific geographical coverage should suffice. Normally, insurance companies charge a higher premium for covering places that are categorized as high-risk. Hence, one should review and compare policies to save paying higher premiums.

Pre-set coverage amount – A travel policy specifies a preset coverage amount that is allowed for each head. For example, a travel policy may specify maximum limit of upto $1000 on flight delay or $100,000 for health emergencies. One should try to get a coverage that will cover the maximum cost.

Time of travel – If travel abroad is a frequent activity then one may consider buying an annual multi-trip policy. But, if it is just one-time affair in a year then a single trip policy will be good enough. Also, one should get a coverage that allows an extension of policy, if in case someone wants to extend the stay.

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